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Suburban Dynaline

Built since 1985 and now available in four model sizes the Dynaline 3 is the current version of the original Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner with Gas Heat. Designed for one or two room apartments, nursing homes, hotel rooms or room additions, the Dynaline provides the economy and longevity of a gas heat furnace with the simplicity of a thru-the-wall air conditioner installation.

Suburban DynaPack

Suburban’s newest product the Dynapack is the Dynalines big brother used primarily for larger applications such as one, two or three bedroom apartments, town homes or condominiums. It also is a thru-the-wall gas heat/air-conditioner product designed to be ducted to several rooms.


             WARNING:  Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause

                                property damage, personal injury or loss of life.  Refer to the installation instructions

                                and/or owners manual provided with the unit.  Installation and service must be

                                performed by a qualified installer, service agency or utilty technician.


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