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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has Superior Sales been in business?

Superior Sales began operating in May of 1998, and took over the Suburban PTAC line from The R. M. North Co. in January of 2004.

2. I have been ordering from Superior Sales for several years and have been invoiced on open account. Can I order from the web site and be invoiced?

Yes, you will first have to register on the website and pick a user name and password.  Then, go to the contact us section and complete an e.mail telling us your User Name (not password) and the existing account you want us to bill.  Tina will contact the account holder to confirm authorization and then assign open account status to your user name.  Tina will notify you by e.mail when your open account web site status is activated after which you can add items to your shopping basket, when you check out your order will be shipped and you will receive an invoice.

3. I would like to buy a Suburban Dynaline. Why are there no prices on your website?

Superior Sales is an authorized sales representative for Suburban Manufacturing and as such we have agreed to limit sales to the geographic area to which we are assigned. Since the Web is world wide we have elected not to offer the Dynaline for sale on the web. If you contact us and we determine you are in our authorized sales area we will provide you a quote. If you are outside our area we will refer you to the appropriate sales agency.

4. What if I have a service problem?

Your first call should be to Phil at Superior Sales Service Department, he can assist you in determining the extent of the problem and what you should tell the service contractor when you call for service. He will also assist you in determining what is and is not covered under the warranty and how to make a warranty claim.

5. What part do I need?

If you are not sure, call us for assistance. When calling in for parts or troubleshooting assistance you will need to know the Make, Model # and Serial # of the unit. The information will be on the product data plate.

6. How do you ship?

Parts are shipped UPS Ground, unless you select a UPS premium service Units are shipped UPS Freight.

7. What if there is freight damage?

When you sign a delivery slip, you are signing that you are receiving the equipment in an acceptable and undamaged condition. If you suspect damage do not sign the delivery slip until you have inspected the unit.  If you find damage you may 1, refuse the shipment or 2, accept the shipment but mark the bill of lading as Received Damaged.  A freight claim needs to be made by you as the receiving party contact Phil at Superior Sales to help with cost estimates on parts necessary to make repairs.

8. I have purchased several parts and do not need all of them. May I return them?

Electrical parts can not be returned.  Non-electric parts may be returned freight pre-paid with a 20% restocking charge.  Call Superior Sales for a Return Authorization Number.



               WARNING:  Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause

                                  property damage, personal injury or loss of life.  Refer to the installation instructions

                                  and/or owners manual provided with the unit.  Installation and service must be

                                  performed by a qualified installer, service agency or utilty technician.

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